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Get a NANO — Join the game & fight for your rewards

META NANOs is an NFT-based open Metaverse of Games and will be the flagship for a collaboratively developed play-to-earn gaming ecosystem where everyone can contribute.

It centers around an abundance and diverse collection of NANOs — high quality NFT Avatars that you can only imagine in your wildest dreams! NANOs are what you need to enter the games — where you can be anything you want — From Orcs and Magicians, Robots and Elves, Trees, and Space Marines, to people and creatures from everywhere. In this multiplayer play-to-earn game, players train their NANOs and let them compete against each other in a universe full of different NANO Games.

While the first games will be developed by Nano Meta Games GmbH, from this time forth the system will be open for other game studios or even the community to develop upcoming NANO games.

You may ask yourself, why this project? Why META NANOs and why would I want to be an owner of NANO NFTs?

Let’s take a ride down memory lane

The META NANOs Games are unpredictable, unforeseeable, and unforgettable! It was built to be engaging, encouraging and fun by two pioneers, who launched the first crypto currency called HEROcoin (PLAY) of Austria in 2017.

Over a year ago, the Viennese Start Up, which gained popularity by creating the first ICO under Austrian law, announced its exit to the Novomatic subsidiary Greentube.

Fast forward to 2022: The founders Philip Peinsold and Paul Polterauer went public with their newest project: META NANOs — While HEROcoin, which was sold to Greentube, still plays a central role within the NANO Metaverse. In general, there exists a very close bond within the two companies. “META NANOs is the first of many projects that will use HEROcoin as an integral part of their business model,” says co-founder Peinsold. “The combination of our startup spirit and Greentube’s corporate backing is the perfect basis for innovation and success. As a result of this partnership, we will launch several innovative products over the next few years,” says Polterauer.

“At Greentube, we aim to hold a leading position when it comes to adopting new trends and technology, and with Hero’s unique products, we have acquired an innovative and exciting business that will see us move into uncharted territory. The esports and blockchain space offers a lot of possibility for the gaming sector and will open new doors for us as a company. “- says Greentube chief financial officer Michael Bauer.

From left to right: Philip Peinsold — Michael Bauer — Paul Polterauer

The project META NANOs received funding from well-known business angels and VCs (e.g., Niki Futter, and SMAPE). Due to the high demand and potential another funding round is already planned for Summer 2022. With this project, the team is entering the NFT industry, and at the same time expands the HEROcoin network. HEROcoin evolved and will become the ecosystem token for all the future projects of the team.

With Andreas Petersson (founder of Bitcoin Austria and capacity blockchain solutions) who also worked on the well-known Austrian Post AG crypto stamp, another prominent name is part of the team. Additionally, Manuel Thomasser joined as leader of the 3D development team. He has already worked for famous titles like League of Legends, Halo, Call of Duty or the Mandalorian series. Additionally, he took part in the recently released film Minions 2 — The Rise of Gru as a rough layout artist.

Having gained an abundance of experience and with that knowledge they deep dived into the space and as a result, they immersed themselves in the world of NFTs and gaming. META NANOs allows new users to get in on the NANO fun without having to have any brighter knowledge about the NFT Space. Users can get rewarded with crypto, money or in-game-assets and engage with an enthusiastic, fantasy-based platform, quickly drawing attention to the META NANOs ecosystem.

From left to right: The Founders Philip Peinsold and Paul Polterauer

A message from the founders themselves:

Paul Polterauer:

Hi! I’m Paul. I am CEO and Co-Founder of HERO, the decentralized solution for the iGaming industry and Austria’s first crypto currency. Before founding our esports p2p betting platform with more than 300.000 users and launching our own cryptocurrency HEROcoin, I worked at PwC Advisory for Corporate Finance / M&A, & Deals. Together with my team, we launched the first regulated ICO in Austria in September 2017. In addition to running my own company, I have been working with the Austrian government on crypto and blockchain regulatory and have been active in advising the MGA on their crypto gaming license.
I am a passionated Soccer, Tennis and StarCarft II player and always curious about new blockchain projects


Philip Peinsold:
I am a passionate software developer, StartUp expert, Networker and crypto currency enthusiast. Because of my educational background I am also highly interested in future applications within the field of eHealth. A mixture of dreaming, innovation and hard work is my recipe of success. I also love all kinds of sports, but mostly Beach Volleyball and CrossFit.


NANO NFTs & Avatars

As of today, we live in a world full of division, but our purpose is to bring every individual together inside the META NANOs Universe. We are in the midst of creating a mystical world while highlighting manifold species with highly mysterious power gems to perform inexplicable rituals.

Skeletons, Orcs, Golems, Cactuses, Elves & Trees — Here you can be assured to find a character who you identify with best and fight with him through spiritual, mysterious and supernatural worlds.

Each NANO has its own stats and a mighty power gem, some power gems are rare some will be more common — But let’s not give away too much information, NANOs enjoy their privacy as much as we do!

Top Down: NANOs Sergeant Hop — Pandalorian — Skylar-Queen of the Sky

Where is the value?

We know that creating a new community from scratch and enlarging that community has not only to do with us but with individuals like you who are spreading the word and engaging within the META NANOs Space. Our focus lies on our community members and their point of view, we are and always will be involving the community in this project. META NANOs’ aim is to highlight the next generations of NFT enthusiasts, people who have nothing but love for competitive games and races and the urge to win no matter what. Attracting new users and having them take part in our universe is about creating value that can be seen and felt throughout all channels. Offering a mixture of fun, excitement, and competition is what we call the winning formula for creating magic.

Within the NANO Games you can own one or more NANO NFTs and be in full control of the digital assets.
If you want to increase the asset value, you can train your NANO by boosting his ability stats. This will also increase his market value and the chance to win a game, although it still largely comes down to the ability and skill of the player.

Another value is playing with your NANO and join in on the fun while at the same time getting rewarded for it.
Make profits through playing and get rewarded!

NANO Abilities:

As most of our community members already know, there are 25 different characters (+ variations) and each of them has different stats. Each NANO comes with five ability stats which go from 1–100. We already revealed that Speed & Stamina will be two of them, but the other three abilities are for now kept a little secret of ours. The stats are not dependent on the NANO base type, so it is possible that a Cactus NANO could have bigger strength than a Golem NANO.

The NANO statistics are completely random within certain boundaries. The final values are defined before the mint and revealed at the time of mint/NANO reveal.

A few core features are:

· Breeding

· Lending

· Trading

If you want to get more detailed information about those features, we kindly
ask you to wait a little and read about it in one of our following articles!

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to check out our GitBook — link:

We truly hope you enjoyed our first introduction and can’t wait to inform you in more detail about META NANOs from time to time.

In a game full of diverse characters, endless opportunities, and a world where you can highlight your uniqueness while never knowing the strength or next steps of your enemy, it shall not get boring.

We invite you to the NANO Metaverse, where you will never leave once you tasted the sweets.

Join in on the fun:









The next level 3D play-to-earn metaverse