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of a P2E-Gaming Project


Change the Gaming Industry

For many years, it has been our vision to support the next generations of Play-2-Earn (P2E) gamers and NFT enthusiasts by building an ecosystem and community to support their gaming experience while allowing them to build and grow their wealth through innovative gaming solutions. We break the “provider owns everything paradigm” by giving you the chance to be in full control of your digital assets. Games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Clash Royale are what inspired and aspired us to become the Nintendo/Supercell of the NFT gaming space. We are all aware of the billions of emotions one goes through when playing Mario Kart. The anticipation, excitement, elation, the irrational hate for Peach (this one doesn’t need any further explanation), you are happy, free, stressed and confused at the same time. We as META NANOs want to recreate the thrill of entering the craziness and all the feelings while playing the game, where we are also creating a set of characters that will be playable in several games. We know, easier said than done, but this is the vision and our goal.

Last year our dream became reality and we jumped into the Metaverse space and we must say, it’s been a crazy and fun ride doing it all with you, the community. Our team has doubled in size ever since and we are still growing every day while working on getting nothing less but the best features out to you. As our founders Paul Polterauer & Philip Peinsold would say: “Our vision is not the perfect picture of just a new game, we want to reinvent the whole idea of playing the game. Not only should this be the base of great games, but also drive value for all stakeholders, whether you are a gamer, community member, creator or a game investor, the META NANOs ecosystem is designed to benefit and reward everyone while creating the next level play-to-earn gaming experience.”


In the middle of inventing a brand new P2E game, building a community, designing, and publishing our NANO NFTs and engaging our community members, we also must deal with obstacles and interesting challenges unique to developing on the blockchain, potential hack attempts and challenging bugs. Our team of developers have been and are doing an outstanding job trough all of this, always going that extra mile to ease the pressure.
At META NANOs, we strive for the thrilling, exciting and surprising. We are creating an open Metaverse of games and enable creators to contribute to the platform by public APIs and generators that will support this development and allow the Metaverse around META NANOs to grow. External game developers will receive a share of entry fees and of their game equipment drop.
Rather to be considered as gambling, we want to be known as skill gaming instead and focus on facts such as the game aligning with our target audience. Those of you who are familiar with the gaming industry will most likely have come across a variation of user experiences, which may not always be entirely pleasant.

META NANOs is seeking the amazing and creating games which invoke emotions and gives you great pleasure throughout the phases of playing. It is of great importance that our users never get the feeling of stagnation or stoppage, but rather actively get the assurance of progression over time. Therefore, our goal is to integrate the community as much as possible by constantly giving them updates on current events, the development of the game and anticipated plans. That is how we can assure to involve ideas and suggestions that come directly from members. You keep us engaged; we keep you informed. If you’ve already joined the META NANOs world and our Social Channels, you most likely got a glimpse of how much of a community-based project this is. Our 25 base NANO NFTs such as Morgan Treeman, Indiana Bones, Skylar or Pandalorian are even named by you, which will stay with them forever, even throughout the games. Nothing makes us happier than communicating with our community members and getting to know their ideas and visions, which is why we highly aim this bond to tighten from time to time.


The madness of video gaming hit the world in 1972, with the release of Pong, which was — drum roll — an arcade version of Ping Pong. Since then, the video game industry has taken the world by storm and its revenue is only growing. You may ask yourself, what is the gaming industry worth?
Well, we’ve got you covered.

The global gaming market is set to reach $259.97 billion by 2025, while back in 2019, this figure was around $151.55 billion. More than 2.5 billion people worldwide play games, while eSports enjoys an audience of around 456 million people. This even dominates Hollywood when it comes to market size. And it is only growing.

According to gaming industry statistics for 2021, immersive gaming, also known as VR Gaming (Virtual Reality Gaming), is about 20 times more interesting than traditional games.

Many suffered due to COVID-19, but the gaming industry was clearly not one of them. We are fast progressing into the future of virtual games, faster than many may expect.


The last year has been nothing but a crazy roller coaster ride and has shown us some fundamental issues with P2E gaming. The game economics are being swamped by extractive elements of the community. Players who truly are ‘playing to earn’. There is, however, nothing wrong with playing-to-earn since these kinds of players provide a foundation for a functional economy and the pillar of blockchain gaming.

But here comes the issue, without players who are actively willing to invest their money into a game without the guarantee of receiving it back or even getting rewards, there is way more outflow than inflow, which inevitably negatively affects the token price and causes it to decrease. There are way more complex problems that also come with that, but this is one of the main facts. The solution to those kinds of obstacles is clear, build ecosystems that attract players with disposable income. Players who are willing to invest their money in something they truly like and adore, that put their money in something that satisfies them and who enjoy interacting with new players and communities. But how can we attract those individuals? Fast answer, you build exciting and good games, but even better communities.

Although the cryptocurrency market is down, gamers and visionaries keep accumulating altcoins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and in-game assets. And seen as though we are amid a depressed market, play-to-earn games are still ranked among the most popular games in the industry.


As the world surely welcomes web3 into their lives, we want to connect traditional gamers to the blockchain by creating an economy that is here for the long run. We want to enable you to find yourself in a Metaverse that has true socializing capacity, an extraordinary gameplay, a strong lore, and community. In assistance of our design team, we are preparing a high-quality gameplay, NFTs, characters and experiences that won’t look like anything else on the blockchain.

It is the most innovative and well-designed deep games that will attract one’s attention and we are preparing to shine once these participants enter our space.





The next level 3D play-to-earn metaverse