Play-To-Earn — Breeding — Lending


1.) Play to Earn

By owning a stronger NANO Avatar (higher stats) than others, you, in general, will have a higher chance of winning. With a little luck and some nice skills, you’ll be the Jack of all Trades.

2.) Breeding

But there are also other ways to get rewards… or let’s just assume that 2 NANOs deeply fall in love and… just joking! But in certain intervals, two NANOs can breed a brand-new NANO (none of the 25 base NANOs). The interval can be defined and changed by the company depending on the supply and demand situation. This will be a freshly minted NANO that will inherit the attributes from the parents, but more information to be announced!

3.) Lending

Well, maybe you weren’t able to mint a NANO Avatar at all and if a Play-To-Earn Game gains a certain amount of success, it often faces a situation where its NFTs are getting too expensive, especially for new users. In addition, some owners use the NANOs as an investment, rather than actively participating in the games.

This is when lending comes into play:

It allows a user to borrow another player’s NANO through the lending market on the META NANOs website. Meaning, they will be able to play, using someone else’s NANO. Also, it creates the possibility of passive income for the NANO owner and active income for the player. More information to be announced!


In total there are three ways to earn money with the META NANOs Games & with your NANO Avatar.

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