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We didn’t exaggerate when we said that META NANOs’ most stable foundation is its dedicated, experienced, and passionate team.

While talking to us online, chatting with us, interacting with posts, and seeing our art, you may have asked yourself, who is creating the NANOs universe and who sits behind a laptop chatting with me? Let’s get right into it and let us introduce ourselves….

Starting from the very top — our founders:

Philip Peinsold & Paul Polterauer

Philip is mostly involved in the technical part of this project. As a Software Architect he takes care of all the technical components of the system and how they interact with each other.

His previous experiences consist of being a Serial Entrepreneur, CTO, Software & Blockchain Dev, and being a speaker. He also Is the founder of HEROcoin, Austria’s first cryptocurrency, and When it comes to the website running smoothly and programming, he is the one to call.

Aside from the fact that he is mostly sitting in front of a screen, he enjoys all kinds of sports, especially Beach Volleyball and CrossFit. According to his own words, he would live his entire life on the beach volleyball court or in a CrossFit box if he could (or if he wouldn’t necessarily be the founder of a major play-to-earn project).

Paul on the other hand takes care of any business-related topics, such as investor relations, the company foundation, business development, and product vision. He is the Co-Founder of HEROcoin and before launching their own startup and cryptocurrency, he worked at PcW Advisory for Corporate finance / M&A, & Deals. In addition to running his own company, he has been working with the Austrian Government on a crypto and blockchain regulatory framework and has been active in advising the MGA on their crypto gaming license. Even though most of his time is spent with scouting the blockchain industry and projects, he also is a passionate StarCraft II Player, loves playing soccer and tennis, and wouldn’t say no to spending time in nature.

Considering that both founders have a tremendous amount of work load every day, they always take time for the team and for the community we’ve built. If you had the luck to work alongside them, you would agree that they care a lot about what they’ve created and take good care of their project and the whole team behind it.

Moving on to Andreas Petersson, our Lead Blockchain Dev. He is a blockchain expert and Founder of Bitcoin Austria and Capacity Blockchain Solutions and Co-Creator of Mycellium Wallet. He worked on the well-known Austrian Post AG crypto stamp.

Now we will dive into what everyone is probably most curious about, our talented Design Team full of creative and dedicated individuals:

Manuel Thomasser: 3D Lead

Manuel is the typical kind of person you would think of when thinking about a very creative human. He is very open minded, does not like social media, he enjoys talking to all kind of people but holds back when talking about his work first. Give him a computer, food & work and you will get the best results.

He has worked on Cinematics for League of Legends, Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty; as well as on movies and series as Minions 2, Terminator, Halo, Carnival Row, Eternals and more. His career as a professional 3D artist goes all the way back to 2016. Since then, his CV varies with projects in Cinematics, VFX, advertisement and Feature Animation and he has been an entrepreneur since 2015. His profession is being a Layout & Pre-visualization Artist, but for his clients he acts as a Generalist. Manuel loves his work and considers himself as a Jack of all Trades.

Jeffrey Frias: 3D Modeller

Jeffrey has worked on Mandalorian, Carnival Row, Star Trek, Without Remorse and Roland Emmerich’s Midway. His main workspace at META NANOs is modeling, rigging, and texturing. Before entering working life, he has already been passionate about 3D modeling, which made him turn his hobby into a career. Even in his free time he works at his personal projects, next to playing the guitar and enjoying a walk outside.

Samuel Stallybrass: 3D Animation

Samuel is on the quest to become the ultra-boss in 3D animation when he’s not…
…watching twitch streams, playing computer games, procrastinate, make music, hang out with friends, or even enjoy some fresh air every now and then. From 2013–2018 he was a student at HTL Spengergasse in Vienna with the focus on game design and studied MultiMediaArt at the University of Salzburg until 2022.

You can find his exact Portfolio here:

Jens Kuczwara: Concept Artist

Jens worked on Diablo IV, Talking Tom, His Dark Materials 3 before he joined META NANOs as a freelancer. He is the one who created the concept for almost all our NANOs.

German Rabenlehner: Lead UX/UI Designer

German has 9+ years’ experience in Graphic Design (Design thinking, User Interface, 3D Design, Editorial Design, Illustration, Printing, CNC Laser Cutting, Packaging, Product Design, Corporate Design, Content creation, social media). When you see our posts on Twitter, Discord & Instagram it is mostly German who is behind the published content. He generally assists in everything design related, from the website structure to the design of our Newsletters to Social Media content.
When he is not working, he is a happy & proud 24/7 Dad to his daughter and husband to his wife. He is a passionate Call of Duty player and a multitask specialist. Adapting to new challenges is something German enjoys daily and he always keeps it positive with a bright smile, because according to him, life is a beauty.

Robin Rünstler: Game Developer

Robin is a Unity Expert, Computer Scientist and AR/VR Enthusiast who studied Computer Science in Graz. He has 7 years of Unity experience and worked on multiple Game/AR/VR Projects. In his free time, he is passionate about video games and rock climbing. In fact, he can talk about climbing gear for hours.

At META NANOs he works on all Unity-related tasks, from game design to the implementation of mechanics, shaders, and networking code. You will see a lot of his work once the game is released but be assured that he is a hard-working individual who always wants to deliver the best results possible.

Siegfried Strauss: Art Director

Sigi is an Art Director and multidisciplinary designer specializing in branding as well as storytelling within brands. Illustration, compositing, 3D modeling and animation are all disciplines that have taught him a lot, and his passion for them remains undiminished. He holds a Master’s Degree in Product & Space Design from Kingston University London, as well as a diploma from Magna Steyr from the college for product design in Ferlach — where he also won the Adolf Loos Staatspreis for Räumliche Gestaltung, an Austrian award for space design.

He is constantly experimenting and expanding upon his skill set to further build upon his personal style — a style which has been lauded as bold and beautiful and has brought his clients international commercial success.
He always is fully motivated to make the best out of every day from the minute he wakes up and tries to energize everybody around him with his positive and funny attitude. Just imagine if you add coffee to this and a sunny day? Yes, ENERGY and a lot of jokes!

Petros Kitsaras: Game Developer

Petros is a Software Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in Unity game development. He worked on projects like The Night is Long, B.L.A.S.T.E.R 2 and an educational game Secrets of the Past: Dion.
At META NANOs Petros takes part as a game developer. He mostly handles designing and developing the gameplay, back-end, and front-end systems.
He is a passionate and hardworking team player and has excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. Although being more reserved, this allows him to focus on the job at hand and deliver results.
During his free time, he enjoys playing story rich video games or going out while listening to music. Petros also follows courses to educate himself, get some inspiration or in general improve his skills.

Now that we’ve seen the most creative part of the team, let’s get to know some team members you talk to most when entering our Social Channels:

Julian & Jonathan Alptauer: Community Manager

Before working for META NANOs, Julian was a Mechanical Engineer. He is a passionate Social Media Marketer and crypto investor since 2019.

When you land on our Discord server, you will most likely come across Julian, or you’ve even already chatted with him. He is known for his Good Morning GIFs and assists you with any questions that may arise. In addition, he is supporting marketing campaigns and handling collaborations in the background. When he is not busy talking to you on discord, he annoys his friends & wife by creating many puns.

Jonathan (Mostly known as Jonny) has 2+ Years’ experience in building social media Pages & Communities. You’ll come across him on any of our Social Channels but mostly Instagram & Twitter. Jonny and his older brother Julian both work on bringing the newest updates and information to you, the community, by publishing our NANO NFTs and any project related news. If you’ve seen him in person, you probably noticed that he has a hairstyle strongly influenced by Medusa (and still he refuses to get a haircut).

Simge Güzel: Community Manager

Simge, or known as Sam, studied International Marketing & Business Management in Munich and has worked for several years in Performance Marketing and has E-Commerce Customer Experience. Before joining the META NANOs team, she assisted in building Online Shops, managing Social Media Accounts, Customer Service & Community Management.

Sam is taking care of our Newsletter, Articles and is assisting the founders with an abundance of background work. You’ll also get a glimpse of her on our Social Channels, usually her profile picture is Pandalorian or Skylar (her current NANO favorites). Always positive and open-minded, but if being hungry and being tired kick in at the same time she can be evil. Feels more comfortable around dogs than humans and finds it hilarious to write about herself in the third person!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us — We can’t wait to get to know you!

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