Gameplay — The NANO Games (Part 2)

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As the META NANOs team is in the middle of testing the NANO racing game and after we gave you some information about the Gameplay in the Gameplay Article Part 1, we now will get a little more into detail about the game progression and game design considerations.

META NANOs Gameplay — The NANO Games (Part 2)

Game Progression:

Experience Points (XP)
Players gain XP by completing games, whereas there is less XP in
Training Modes → Slower Game Progression, and more XP in
Battle Modes → Faster Game Progression.

Leveling Up
The player’s level is determined by the XP gained by playing games. As the player advances in level, special NFT rewards (such as Booster Cards) will be dropped. This means, as soon as the player advances by certain levels, he can then apply the items to NANOs to increase their stats, or sell them on an NFT marketplace.

Seasonal Changes
The Game has seasons that last a certain amount of weeks. These seasons can bring new content, new games, or new rewards. As soon as a new season starts, the progress bar will be set back to zero. Then the bar increases with the XP points that the user collects. Within the bar there are milestones (e.g. at 20%) where rewards such as boosters are dropped. Regardless of that, there is leveling. The level persists across seasons and will not reset.

NANOs can be trained by applying the so-called “Booster-Cards”. A Booster Card increases a certain ability by 1 or 2 points. There are Booster Cards for each ability. Booster Cards are NFTs and can either be gained as a reward, or bought on the market place. There is also a special item for resetting boosters, which means that the abilities of a NANO will be reseted to its basic stats (before the first applied boost).

Keep in mind that you can only use a limited number of boosters per NANO. Hence the booster reset. For example, you buy a NANO whose boosters have already been used up and the previous owner used all the boosters for “speed”. But you would much rather boost the NANO at “stamina”. This is when reset comes into play and you can use boosts again.

Bounty System
Players will be rewarded for doing certain tasks like completing a certain amount of training, or for performing well in games.

Reward pool (prize when winning a battle), level up drops (e.g. Booster Card), bounties for completing certain tasks (e.g. complete 10 training sessions).

META NANOs — Game Progression

Game Design Considerations:

Neither the game nor we will be defined as gambling, but rather a game of skill. That’s why the game has a strong skill component.

This ensures that the games won’t be considered gambling but rather the most fun for players. The NANO Games need to meet our expectations and fit our target audience, as well as invoke emotions, so that players want to play it over and over again and find it not only fun, but encouraging and entertaining. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy some hilarious playing sessions after a long day at work? We are here to make your day a bit more joyful and the evening a little more entertaining.

In order to raise the excitement level, the game needs to have a random factor and a surprise element, so smaller and weaker NANOs also have the chance to beat bigger and stronger NANOs.

It shouldn’t give you the feeling of steadiness, we want our player to see and feel progression over time, whether this is within our NANO Metaverse or the way you perceive us as a company from the outside.

META NANOs sees it as their main task to provide value as a long-term perspective, this can be for play-to-earn gamers or crypto asset holders.

Forget about the stress, outside noise, work and drama. Find yourself in a whole new Universe full of different games, with the most different avatars and an abundance of enthusiastic and determined players, it for sure will give you a smile on your face!
Side note: Team members already started playing by doing weekly test sessions — and oh my can’t we wait to involve you all!

META NANOs Gameplay

Stay tuned, stay excited and don’t forget to keep reading announcements for the latest improvements & updates:

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