Gameplay — The NANO Games (Part 1)

Let the games begin

3 min readSep 11, 2022

As the META NANOs game sessions have started a couple of weeks ago and are going wild, we want to further inform you about the NANO Games and give you some insights on how the actual gameplay is coming to life.

25 Base NANOs, 5 Variations, equals 125 NANOs in total.
Even though one avatar couldn’t look more different than the other, it is a sure thing that they all have one thing in common:
They love to compete with each other like we love spending Mondays on the beach.

The core Gameplay, as you know, centers around the so called “NANO GAMES”, an abundance of games that players can participate in with their NANO Avatars represented as NFTs. The players are able to purchase multiple NANOs and play them in the games. Even though our imaginaries are nothing less than endless, and we want to keep the opportunities for future games wide open, we already know what the first game will be:
A NANO racing game.
But future games can be basically anything, from racing games to MOBAs to shooters.

In the first game, NANOs will have to battle against each other in a multiplayer race. First NANO that reaches the finish line, wins. Players are able to use shields and power gems to gain advantages over their opponent. As already mentioned in previous announcements on our Social Channels and Newsletter, 2 out of 5 abilities (Speed & Stamina) are available and revealed in the first game of NANO Games. The other 3 abilities are for now kept a little secret of ours.
The duration of each game is set to be between 60–90 seconds while players can choose between:

Training Mode (Free-to-Play)
Training, leveling, and boosting NANOs and practice. Players can join games without placing a buy-in. It is free to play, but the game progress is slower than in the battle mode


Battle — Multiplayer Mode (Play-to-Earn)
Training, leveling, and boosting NANOs fast and earning in-game rewards and digital assets. Players can join games by placing a buy-in. The winner(s) will be rewarded with real crypto or FIAT. The higher the entrance fee, the higher the reward and the XP that will be gained.

NANO Skylar

The order goes like this:

Select the right NANO with the best abilities for the chosen race track

Compete against other players, fastest NANOs win

Decide when to use power gems and shields in real-time during the game

Every games top performers are being rewarded with crypto, money, or digital in-game assets

Players Account:

In order to be able to play, users need to first create an account and download the game on

  1. Go to the website
  2. Create an account
  3. Download and run application
  4. Login
  5. Connect Wallet
  6. Enter a race
NANO Jay the Don Rockson

Entering a Race:

  1. Choose a NANO
  2. Mode selection (Training/Battle)
  3. When choosing battle mode → pay buy-in
  4. Wait in lobby until every slot is filled and everyone is ready
  5. Start the game/race

Do not leave the sofa before you’ve read our next article
— Gameplay Part 2 —
which will be published in the upcoming days and where we further write about the game progression, seasonal changes, game design considerations, etc.

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