Gameplay Sneak Peeks & Project Updates

What we’ve been working on for the past weeks:

3 min readNov 2, 2022

Since META NANOs is getting closer and closer to its alpha release and the whole team is working 24/7 behind the screens, we feel the need to give you some insights and updates on what’s been going on behind the curtain.

In the past weeks we:
Started the playtest-session within the team
Sent out exclusive META NANOs Shirts for our VIP Holders
Improved and adjusted the game
Started a community survey
Invited community members to the META NANOs Secret Sessions
Created new social accounts for our Spanish community
Created gameplay videos and sneak peeks for the community


After having tested the game for quite some time now, we came to the conclusion that we want to include the community in testing the game. On the one hand, because it is simply more fun to finally play with members who’ve been following and supporting us long-term and give them this opportunity as a huge thank you for their constant trust. On the other hand, who is better at giving feedbacks and throwing in some ideas regarding the gameplay than those who will eventually be the ones playing the first racing game.

Therefore, we started a community survey and five lucky participants out of every member who completed it fully were randomly picked out and got a spot to the secret playtest-session, happening this weekend.
Playing the first META NANOs game with some community members has been a goal of ours and we are looking forward to getting to know you, talking to you and most importantly, getting competitive with you in the world we’ve built!

A short sneak peek:
Watch the golden version of Jay the Don Rockson running towards the finish line:


The META NANOs VIP Holders are getting their 2nd reward as we are speaking: An exclusive VIP Holder Shirt designed by our design team with one of your favorite NANO NFT on it. More details to be announced soon!


As we are growing inside as a team but also on the outside as a community, we decided to create accounts for our Spanish speaking members, which means every update is now also being published in Spanish in those following accounts:

As the game is improving and coming along so well and as we are about to enter the stage of where first members will be able to plunge into the game and play with us, join this exciting time and stay tuned for updates coming in the next weeks.