Announcement: Second VIP Reward

3 min readNov 29, 2022

We love and cherish every single one of our community members, you believing in us and what we are building makes us very proud — nonetheless, our VIPs hold a special place in our hearts, which is why we’ve decided to hand out certain rewards to them.

After distributing the first VIP benefit ever back in may, which was a special NFT collection that will never be available for the public to buy but only for our VIP holders, we are now thrilled to announce the second reward:


For this one we wanted to reward you with something rather physical than digital. A benefit that you can actually touch and show off to your family, colleagues and even your non-crypto friends. We therefor sat together with our design team and picked your favorite NANO NFT, made a rare design and had it printed on a shirt.

So sit back and let your rewards fly in as we say thank you for being our earliest supporters and incredibly patient by giving us time to build, develop and create what we all are so passionate about. Together we are thriving to build a project that hasn’t been seen like this before and while it might take time, we know that it is you, our community, who make this possible.

Also, we have a date for our alpha release of the first META NANOs racing game, so keep up with the upcoming announcements, follow us on our social channels, chat with us in discord and never miss out on any news!